The Team:

Kritín Vala Breiðfjörð

Kritín Vala Breiðfjörð

Kristín Vala

Kristín Vala is the chairperson and chief administrator of the Icelandic Handicraft Association. She will be teaching Iceland’s workshop in embroidery at the seminar! For Nordisk Dragtseminar 2023, she has managed hotel bookings and communication. She speaks fluent English but understands most Danish and Norwegian.

Elín Jóna Traustadóttir

Elín Jóna Traustadóttir

Ella Jóna

Ella Jóna is a project manager at Laugarvatn high school. She has sewn several Icelandic costumes and attended Nordisk Dragtseminar 2018 in Denmark. For Nordisk Dragtseminar 2023, Ella Jóna has set up a permanent website and manages all technical details. Ella Jóna speaks fluent English.

Margrét Valdimarsdóttir

Margrét Valdimarsdóttir


Margrét is a former chairperson and chief administrator at The Icelandic Handicraft Association. She attended Nordisk Dragtseminar in 2018. For Nordisk Dragtseminar 2023 Margrét has overseen the schedule and planned excursion trips. She speaks fluent Danish and Norwegian.

Our venue:

Reykholt and Snorrastofa

Reykholt is a small village in west Iceland, about an hour and a half from the capital city Reykjavík. Reykholt is best known for being the home of the medieval writer, historian and chieftain Snorri Sturluson.

The surrounding area has geothermal springs, waterfalls and beautiful mountain views. We will be staying at Fosshótel Reykholt (see here), which is only a few short steps from Snorrastofa and the old district school, where the seminar will be held.

During our stay we will have full access to all of Snorrastofa‘s facilities, including the library and the exhibition (see more information here). We recommend you bring comfortable shoes, a swimsuit and some handicraft projects, as we will be enjoying the surrounding nature and meeting up for drinks and knitting / embroidering / bobbin lace making! Finland take notice: yes, there is a sauna at the hotel.

Thanks for Nordic Costume Seminar in Reykholt

The Icelandic Preparation Committee would like to thank you very much for an effective, positive and great Nordic costume seminar in Reykholt, Iceland on 8-12 August. We are grateful that the seminar became a reality after two years of expansion due to the pandemic.

The pictures taken on our gala night can be seen here. The pictures are for use by everyone without conditions, but if they are published in print, the photographer should be mentioned: Heimir Hoffritz.

Nordic National Costume Seminars


2023 Island Dekorationer på Folkedragter
2018 Danmark Strik i nordiske Folkedragter
2015 Norge Symbolik - ceremoni
2012 Finland Udviklingen af folkedragten op igennem 1900 årene
2009 Sverige "Särart och ligformighet" Folklig dragtkultur med og uden lokal särprägel
2006 Island Dragtsmykker
2003 Danmark Broderier i Folkedragter
2000 Norge Fot- og Håndbekledning
1996 Finland Nordisk Dragtkultur og handelsveje
1993 Sverige Mändskläder
1991 Danmark Dragtstoffer i Norden
1989 Norge Hovedbunader
1987 Finland Ligheder i Nordisk dragtkultur
1985 Sverige Tolleindprovninger
1983 Danmark Tilskæring af folkedragter
1980 Island Bibeholdelse af Folke- og Nationaldragter
1978 Norge Nordisk samarbejde om materialer til Bunader/Folkedragter